The future of libraries

people place content communication harry potter & star wars are media neutral – books, movies, bcd, video game, toys, backpack why are people coming into the libraries? Use the computer, Internet access on laptop, to just read the newspaper in the company of others library as a third space' library as a town activity center including things as swimming pool kathryn says academic libraries in australia are coordinating more and more with the other communities technology is evolving so fast, can we keep up? Do we feel like we are keeping up? What about the education gap not just for Read more [...]

Fee based Workshops should the presenter get paid?

I got into a conversation with Joshua Neff of  Library Society of the World fame (among many other things), about this topic and he said - you should blog about it.  Who am I to ignore a direct order ;-) Here is the jist.  There are a lot of ways to present in libraryland. You can submit to a conference, which may or may not waive the registration fee and depending on the circumstances offer other compensations including but not limited to travel, hotel & meal expenses.  This ranges widely from conference to conference and person to person.  Ok I accept that situation.  I know there Read more [...]

Congratulations to Library Journal’s 2009 Movers & Shakers

Last year I posted a list of Movers & Shakers with a link to their blogs, so I thought why not make it a tradition.  Below are the names linking to the LJ post about them and a link to their blog/wiki/website. While you're at it check out this map that LJ put together showing the locations of M&S for 2002-2009 Maureen Ambrosino Kenning Arlitsch Barry Bailey Brian Bannon Rebecca M. Blakeley - Erik Boekesteijn - Chad Boeninger - Jill Bourne J. Drusilla Carter Natalie Caruso Susan Conlon Karen Read more [...]

What’s the matter with our profession?

It's a question many of us with an MLS,  and those without, struggle with.  Just take a look at the Library Day in the Life blog entries.  You'll see a wide, and I mean WIDE, range of variety in how we spend our days, weeks and years and our education levels. Matt Hamilton wrote a post with some observations on the field,  he's about to graduate with an MLS and he's the Library Innovation and Technology Manager at the Boulder Public Library.   He points to some problems in the field, namely the wide variety of what we do.  I agree with him when he says : The field is not in good shape. Read more [...]

23 Things Summit Wrap Up #23smt

Yesterday's  23 Thing Summit was great and intense (audio, slides, chat and Twitter!)  There were almost 300 attendees (I think). WebJunction and MaintainIT staff did a great job wrangling the presenters and the attendees.  Thank you Brenda, Michael, Jennifer and everyone else! If you couldn't make it, you can find the slides, audio and chat transcripts here and David took some notes. There was even a Twitter hash tag  #23smt, which popped up on Twitter trends about 40 minutes in. Read more [...]

Technology for Tight Budgets

Times are tight, and likely to get tighter, if you're looking to save money talk with your IT department. They may have some helpful solutions. Take a look at the University of Missouri's IT department suggestions - Technology for Tight Budges. Many of these can be used by libraries and other businesses looking to save funds. Investigate the Technologies Available to Stretch Your Budget MeetingPlace Audio/Web Conferencing SharePoint Online Collaboration Tools IT Training — In the Classroom and Online Captivate e-Learning Authoring Tools Voice over IP (VoIP) Go Green, IT! Power Down Read more [...]

If I made a commercial for Trader Joes

I found this video on Beth's Blog and she links to Logic + Emotion which recommends some steps Trader Joes should take in response.  The video is mostly complimentary but points out some negatives too.  What if this video was about a library? What if it was about your library? How would you respond it? I like this idea, I'd like to turn a patrons loose on the library with a flip to flim what they do and don't like.  It would be much more powerful than a questionaire, instead of forcing them to recall what they do and don't like, walking around recording would bring up a lot of issues Read more [...]

23 Things Online Summit

If you have ever thought that your library should start a Learning 2.0 program, but don't know where to begin here's your chance! On Tuesday, March 3rd you'll have 2 hours to listen to representatives from 23 Things on a Stick and Baker's Dozen, Michael Sauers, and me share best practices and lessons learned about our respective programs and then ask questions about implementing your own 23 Things style program! If you are involved with library training, if you are thinking about implementing a 23 things style program, or if you have already implemented a 23 things style program and want to share Read more [...]