Best of the Web

Best of the web Firefox - Greasemonkey - smart key words - can use set up address bar to seach any site on the web - customize google extension - better gmail2 – takes ads off of gmail google reader -    helvetireader book city jackets wikimedia commons flickr image search pictobrowser skitch – screenshots, then allows for annotation, can upload directly to flickr jing – can do screenshots and screencasts screentoaster vimeo – look at the sign up process, even if you’re not going to use it, go through to look at sign up process, your libraries processes Read more [...]

Continued Online Community Engagement

Control what you can -    Brand – logo, identity -    public website -    opportunities for practice -    best practices online let go when you can -    what is tied to your brand -    where can you let go? -    What needs to have a system wide project? Trust -    trust staff -    give guidelines -    provide opportunities to learn Evaluate -    honestly assess performance -    find the right person for the job -    accept that it will take time -    accept that there will be mistakes -    it is a learning experience Communities Read more [...]

Flickr commons for libraries and museums

Flickr commons develop in 2007 – LoC approached Flickr about sharing photos, encouraging users tagging jan 16th 2008 launched Many nations now participating Can now only search the commons Brooklyn Museum - contributing to the commons caused flickr account to get flooded with comments, also posting photos that they “think” are something posting to flickr confirms or discredit it Can no longer respond to all comments, just completely got overwhelmed, it was no longer the small user community they knew and loved, were very close to leaving Goes beyond community Read more [...]

Help your library be omnipresent without spending a dime

Embedded and widgetized library - Dcpl – iphone app - Chat widgets – question point - igoogle gadgets flickr badge creator – can do thru flickr steal this code now please - lets give it away – allow users to remis our source code for their own customized applications on any of their pages or sites make it easy so patrons can just copy and paste code, doesn’t need to be hard is putting code out there safe? Check with web & it folks to be sure but people will start using our stuff – creating a steal this code tool - decide what kind of widget you want to offer – catalog, databases, Read more [...]

Website redesign pitfalls

we watched Eddie Izzard youtube lego star wars death star canteen while waiting, warning there are swear words in the video if that sort of thing offends you Redesign the pitfalls and perils and how to avoid them Good reason to redesign When nav is dysfunctional When your site doesn’t scale When your site is difficult to update When you code is helplessly sick When your site has poor usability When its not performing based on you objectives / goals Redevelop vs redesign Redevelop = triple bypass Redesign = cosmetic surgery If its not broke don’t fix it, if users are finding their Read more [...]

Computers in Libraries

I'm at Computers and Libraries this week so the next few days will be filled with conference posts.  I'll even be presenting on Tuesday afternoon, just after lunch. I came in yesterday and stopped by the gadgets and gaming session last night to see some cool toys including the Kindle 2!  There are so many new toys I want ;-) If you're following from afar the hash tag is #cil2009, you can follow on Twitter, or Jason Griffey has pulled together everything using Yahoo Pipes. Read more [...]

Get Shoving and Making!

you haven't heard yet, the fabulous Joshua M. Neff, Steve Lawson and Iris Jastram have created The Shovers and Makers award. And there is only one way to become a Shover and Maker: declare yourself one. No one knows what you have been doing all year as well as you do. No one knows what motivates you, what your professional passions are, why you work so hard on behalf of your patrons, clients or co-workers. So only you really know why you are a winner. Please write a quick profile of why you are a winner this year, and it will get published on this site. Of course I nominated myself and I'm loving Read more [...]

We’re barely treading water, what will keep us from drowning?

Start with this, I did Now think about this - How do libraries fit into this picture? As far as I can tell the technologies we're struggling to adapt to and implement might very well be outdated by the time we're ready to start using them.  That's not good. Right now technologies are running by and we're still crawling to keep up.  What does it mean? Maybe we can't keep up, maybe we should stop focusing our energy there, at least temporarily.  Let's face it we've been talking about the next gen OPAC for how many years?  Would our time be better spent elsewhere?  Maybe we need to look Read more [...]

Social Media Periodic Table

Check this out - I would seriously love to see someone with more talent than me make a just for libraryland version!  See the lists of blogs & people that are included.   Here are what some of the appreviations stand for you, you can see the rest at on Eye Cube Social Media Practices: (Do these to maximize your Social Media experience) Fl = Follow Ht = Hashtag Po = Post St = Status Update Sp = Spread Se = Search Hp = Hat tip Fd = Feed Rt = Retweet Ud = Update Cm = Comment Jn = Join Up = Upload Tg = Tag Tc = Tag clouds Dm = Direct Message Rx = Remix Ln Read more [...]