Does the average Joe really need to know what a browser is?

Jessamyn West shared this yesterday “A team from Google interviewed dozens of people in Times Square the other day, asking a simple question: What’s a browser? This was in an effort to understand and improve the customer experience of Google’s own browser, called Chrome. Turns out that over 90% of the people interviewed could not describe what a Web browser is.” Watch the video I don't think any of my non-techie family or friends could answer this question. I'm not sure I could adequately if a microphone was put in my face while I was out shoe shopping (its hard to swtich from Read more [...]

Subscribe to this blog by email

Anyone who's reading this blog directly rather than in their rss reader may have noticed a new box appear on the upper right hand side - Subscribe via Email I'm happy to have finally gotten around to offer this option.  Teaching patrons and training staff has taught me that there are still a great many people who don't use an rss reader for whatever reason.  So I thought it was time for me to get out of my bubble and provide an option for people who aren't rss fanatic. Just enter your email address, confirm your subscription and blog posts will be delivered to your email like magic! ;-) Read more [...]

Monitor your brand

Carie Lewis has a great guide to monitoring your brand using iGoogle, it's easy, free and most of us already have a Google account, plus it pulls all the information into one place. She includes 5 different categories: Brand - mentions of your name, including acronyms, misspellings, etc Current - issues that people are talking about that involve you right now Detractors - people you know don't like you but talk about you Competition - people in the same space as you Staff - prominent people in your org, like your CEO And includes a great list of places you should monitoring: Google Read more [...]

Why I’m over people Twittering Conferences, Meetings

and anywhere else two Twitter users happen to run into each other. Its seems like a day doesn't go by without signing into my Twitter account to see a stream of tweets from someone going by with a #hashtag I don't recognize. I'm not talking about a couple of tweets, I mean the full-on stream. I'm begging you, please stop! I'm all for the idea of sending a Tweet when you hear something remarkable, moving, or innovative, but based on the number of Tweets I see flying by every other sentence is worth exclaiming over, somehow I doubt this. What it really looks like is too many people are Read more [...]

My 71 hours as a Palm Pre owner

I had my Pre for less than 3 whole days so this is hardly a comprehensive review but rather a report of my experience since so many people asked me about why I returned it. I've been awaiting for the Pre for a long time.  My contract with Sprint expired in January and I'd started shopping around, wanting a little more from a smartphone than I was getting from my Centro.  I'd pretty much decided to switch to an iPhone when the Pre was announced. I waited not so patiently for it to come out.  Well Saturday was the Day! I headed to the Sprint store and got there around 8:50, by 9:40 everything Read more [...]

“Go be secretly awesome. Then tell someone.”

I've never been fortunate enough to hear Jessamyn West speak and based on Jenica's notes from last week, I'm really missing out.  Some of my favorite bits The digital divide is real, and our system for technology education scales very badly.  There are economies of scale in most library work – processing 30 books does not take 30 times as long as processing one book – but teaching 30 people about the internet and computers takes 30 times longer than teaching one person.  Libraries have become the social safety net for many Americans to learn what the tech-savvy think of as remedial technology Read more [...]

10 Golden Rules of Social Media

Webworker Daily has a great post on the 10 Golden Rules of Social Media Read the full post to get defitions of each Respect the Spirit of the ‘Net Listen Add Value Respond Do Good Things Share the Wealth Give Kudos Don’t Spam Be Real Collaborate Social media tools are only that — tools. The real energy, spirit and power of social media is people. We are social media. Read more [...]

Eternal September: Be Ready to Repeat Yourself. Again.

Last week I read this post on Seth Godin's blog and loved it. I tweeted it hoping other people would pick it up. After reading Stephen Abrams post - What is Cloud Computing where he states I've given a few talks lately and I was surprised to get a few questions about "what is cloud computing?" I guess I really do live in the bubble. Then again I have had my share of what is YouTube? eBay? iTunes? questions lately too. I decided to devote a blog post to Eternal September, its the idea that every fall new freshmen show up and you need to teach them the ropes, rules, guidelines, etiquette all Read more [...]