Guide to National Digital Literacy and Digital Divide Initiatives

Earlier this year the Chief Officers of State Library Associations (COSLA) released the "COSLA Guide to National Projects: to Digital literacy, Broadband Adoption,and Digital Inclusion". They have done a great job of bringing together projects that address digital literacy and the digital divide. The report outlines the summary, core objectives, administration information, and project details including target audience milestones and deliverable. If you are interest in national (US) digital literacy and divide efforts it is a great resource. Programs included: ALA's Office for Read more [...]

This Transliterate Life

I delivered this keynote at the All Tech Considered: Navigating through multiliteracies, Houston Community College Faculty Conference on February 2, 2013 This Transliterate Life from Bobbi Newman References Andretta, S. (2009). Transliteracy: Take a walk on the wild side. In World Library and Information Congress: 75 th IFLA Genreal Conference and Assembly, Milan, Italy: 23-27. Ipri, T. (2010) Introducing Transliteracy. College & Research Libraries News, 71(10), 532-567. Karp, J. (2010, Oct 25). What is this buzz word “transliteracy”? (Blog) Newman, B., et al. (2011). Read more [...]

Digital Literacy: It’s About More Than Access

Digital Literacy: It's about more than access from Bobbi Newman References ALA supports FCC proposal to fund digital literacy training through public libraries. (2012, April 3).District Dispatch. Aspen Institute to Advance Recommendations of the Knight Commission. (2010, May 18).Knight Foundation. Becker, S., Crandall, M. D., Fisher, K. E., Kinney, B., Landry, C., & Rocha, A. (2010). Opportunity for American Library Association. (2011). The state of Americas libraries: A report from the American Library Association. Chicago, IL: American Library Association. Clochesy, J. M. (2008). Read more [...]

Set the World on Fire – Innovating Libraries

This is am much delayed posting of a keynote I delivered at the Colorado Association of Libraries conference in Keystone last October. The theme of the conference was Ready, Set, Go! Innovating Colorado Libraries. Set the World on Fire, keynote, Colorado Association of Libraries from Bobbi Newman References Rogers, E. M. (2003).  Diffusion of Innovations, New York: Free Press. Read more [...]

Vote Courtney Young for ALA President

I am delighted to endorse my friend and colleague Courtney Young for ALA president. I have had the honor to serve on Council with Courtney and observe her tireless work in support of all libraries and library staff. I have watched her demonstrate leadership not just in an official capacity through such efforts as service on the Executive Board and as President of the New Members Round Table, but in her individual and personal interactions. Courtney is a fountain of knowledge and she never tires of answering questions (even when I am sure it is for the 100th time) and helping out her fellow librarians. Read more [...]

Should You Ask Permission to Live-Tweet an Conference Session?

I came across this great post from the American Historical Society - "The Dos and Don’ts of Live-Tweeting at an Academic Conference: An Update" which has some great suggestions (see below for the abridged version or click on through for full text - it worth reading the full text btw). But I have a question about the first Do - Ask permission. Before the panel begins (preferably a few weeks in advance), ask panelists whether they agree to be tweeted. Do you ask permission? Should you ask permission? I will confess I have never asked permission to tweet a confession session of any sort, academic Read more [...]

On the Reduction of ALA Councilors-at-Large

Let me state here, for the record, I have no objection to reducing the number of councilors at-large or the number of division and chapter councilors if evidence can be provided as to how those reductions would benefit council or the membership. Some background info: I am an ALA Councilor at Large. Sean Reinhart is the California chapter councilor. He feels we have too many at-large members in proportion to chapter/division representatives I do not have an opinion on whether or not we should reduce the size of council. I do have an issue with the framing of Mr. Reinhart’s arguments. The Read more [...]

Looks Like Library Science After One Year

Erin and I announced Looks Like Library Science open for submission a little over a year ago on February 13th. This project has been so much fun! Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo! If you haven't submitted a photo - you still can - see instructions at the end. I've learned that Tumblr is great for allowing others to submit photos to your site, but also that Tumblr is truly horrid for recovering any type of useful data. I kept separate list of the countries of submissions and I'm not 100% sure I got them. But here are some numbers! As of now there are 704 photos (some Read more [...]