How to Get Invited to Speak – Work, Pay Up, Represent

Yesterday two blog posts were making the rounds came to my attention. The first I saw was by Andromeda Yelton, which is a response to Julie. Andromeda offers some great advice on how to get the attention of people looking for speakers in response to Julie's heartfelt post about wanting to speak. Both are worthwhile - go read them, I'll wait. I started a response on Julie's blog and quickly realized it was too long to be a comment and might be of interest to my readers (if I still have any).  So here are my thoughts to Julie. Before we get started I want to remind you that there are many Read more [...]

Help the Gates Foundation’s Global Libraries Initiative Identify the Role of Public Libraries in Their Communities.

Please consider taking a few minutes to answer this survey. This short survey is being conducted on behalf of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Libraries (GL) Initiative. The purpose of the survey is to help the Global Libraries Initiative identify opportunities to focus their current support of public libraries in ways that foster innovation and dramatically accelerate positive and lasting change in libraries throughout the U.S. and around the world. The vision of Global Library Initiative is one where libraries, world wide, provide public access to information for people Read more [...]

The Time Has Come to Expand the Scope of Conflict for eBooks

The time has come to expand the scope of conflict for ebook issues. What does that mean? It means that we, people who care about ebook issues, need to organize about ebook issues on a larger scale than just the issues surrounding libraries. The effort that has gone into ebook issues over the last few years has been impressive, unfortunately the results have not (I am not finger pointing). One of the reasons is that, while we love libraries and believe firmly in their place and purpose in the world, many do not, which makes libraries and ebook issues a narrow interest topic. We know that there Read more [...]

The End of the Libraries and Transliteracy Blog

The team over at Libraries and Transliteracy recent came to the decision that it was time to end the project. When we launched the project the purpose was to bring attention to transliteracy in all types of libraries and we worked hard to include contributors from public, academic, and school libraries (and other types with less success) with a diverse background. Over the last couple of years we have seen conversation and heated debates around the concept. We have seen transliteracy included in job titles and job descriptions, there have been whole conferences devoted to the subject for public, Read more [...]

The New Facebook & iOS6 Integration Crosses a Privacy Line

There has been much discussion over the failures and disappointments of iOS6 on the iPhone but this is one I haven't come across before.  The integration of Facebook contacts and iOS6. I updated to iOS6 a day or two after it came out and I turned on the Facebook integration option. I only recently switch to an iPhone from Android and Android has been syncing phone contact with Facebook contacts for some time now so this was no big deal for me. After double checking some privacy setting I pretty much forgot all about the upgrade until tonight. I plugged the phone into the computer to Read more [...]

Digital Literacy, Libraries, and Public Policy Draft Open for Comments

The ALA Digital Literacy Task Force (PDF) has released a preliminary copy of their report "Digital Literacy, Libraries, and Public Policy” for comments. The report provides a broad overview of digital literacy policy in public, academic and school libraries. The report is intended to serve as a launching point for recommendations from the Task Force to ALA and the library community in general. The public comment period is open from September 18, 2012 – October 19, 2012. Commenters are asked to focus their feedback on substantive issues and the task force specifically asks representatives Read more [...]

On Remixing and Resharing Online – I Do This for the Money, Prestige, and Power. Said No Librarian Ever.

About a month ago, well actually June 30th according to the someecards website, I created these two librarian ecards. I  noticed this morning they are making the rounds on Facebook again so I thought I'd post them here. Neither of the cards is accredited to me or links back to the original on and that's fine I didn't make them for the power and prestige, I made them for fun.  :-) But seeing them make the rounds again prompted me to write about something I have been talking about in person for a while now so I thought I'd share them. :-) Now for the real stuff! I've been Read more [...]

Closing the Digital Skills Gap – PLAN

Presentation for PLAN Closing the Digital Skills Gap from Bobbi Newman Resources I limited my suggestions to just three of each as not to be overwhelming Websites Common Sense Media Smarts Tech Training for Libraries  Blogs Van Meter Library Voice The Daring Librarian A Media Specialists Guide to the Web Twitter @ShannonMiller @gwynethjones @joycevalenza  Facebook New Media Consortium American Association of School Librarians School Library Journal Miscellaneous 23 things School Librarians and the Common Core Standards: Resources/ Carterette_Series_Webinars References ALA Read more [...]

Bridging the Digital Divide – NTLP Conference

Presented at the North Texas Library Partner's 5th Annual Conference on Library Technology Bridging the Digital Divide: It's more than teaching computer skills to seniors from Bobbi Newman References There are on the last three slides but here you go! ALA supports FCC proposal to fund digital literacy training through public libraries. (2012, April 3).District Dispatch. Retrieved from Aspen Institute to Advance Recommendations of the Knight Commission. Read more [...]