Robin Hastings – Web 3.0

Symantec tagging Microformats - hcard Web as a database – rdf, subset of xml Instead of holding all info in proprietary databases data will be coded SPARQL – sql for rdf Web as application – mashups Questions: How many security issues are we looking at? Shouldn’t put any info out there that is sensitive Has anyone looked at DDS attacks against this sort of thing, it would be pretty easy to take one down – no that she knows of When you say microformats I think fiche – what does microformat mean in a web3.0 context – way to tag your content in a semantic Read more [...]

Rachel Vacek –Libraries Using Mobile Devices

Instead of focusing on mobile needs of library users, focusing on mobile needs of librarians, some librarians were more interested in a netbook Every librarian got an ipod touch or a netbook Ideas that are needed the most will probably be the most difficult to implement because involve a proprietary ILS Geeks just waiting to program things, look for collaboration in your community Create buyin Petting zoo Don’t’ be afraid to play Share your experiences Questions: Which IlS are you hoping to build a mobile interface for? IEEE What apps will be discussed in class? Where is the Read more [...]

Jessica Moyer – Audio books, ebooks, & online reading impact on library services & collections

All the ways you can read stuff that is not in a book anymore – ipod touch, amazon kindle, has its own wireless network and email address, eink technology, biggest group of kindle owners over the age of 50, price dropped last week to $300 Audiobooks – not just bcds and cassette, but need to deal with drm and compatibility issues, overdrive still doesn’t work with Mac, Playaway – great for Kindle plays audible,com files Over 52% of users get their audiobooks fro a library Do you think the kindle is a step on the way to something bigger and better? Discussing more linked in content – Read more [...]

Ubiquitous Computing – Jason Griffey – Unconference Session 1

Jason Griffey – I do lots of stuff google me Ubiquitous computing – computers everywhere, mobile phones, net books, kindles Devices to devices, no longer devices to server Metcalfs law Free – Chris Anderson Cant compete on cost so much make things easies Questions & Comments from Office: What about server costs? – how can you distribute free content when backend stuff costs? Jasson - bit torrent you distributed over a number of people who willing to share cost When you talk about servers are you talking about Tech or traditional such as a reference librarian might provide. Why Read more [...]

ALA Unconference

I’m at the ALA Unconference all day today. They have a great set up for as many topics as possible, with a lot of short presentations that are 7 minutes with 5 minutes for questions a couple of break out sessions. I’ll be blogging the short presentations separately to keep topics and possible comments separate. So lots of short blog posts today!

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My First ALA! Advice Tips and Tricks

Tomorrow I'm off for my first ALA conference, it was a bit of a last minute deal but I'm pleased to be attending!  I will be blogging the sessions I attend both here and on LITA's blog. When I found out I was going I sent out a call for tips on Twitter and got a some great responses on FriendFeed and Twitter. I've blogged conference tips before and thought I'd recap and add some new ones as a reminder to myself. Give people your name, wear your name badge up near your face rather than on a lanyard so it’s easy for people to glance at it while talking to.  Introduce yourself, even Read more [...]

There is something to be said for brand loyalty

I don't normally blog about customer service issues (although I have been known to tweet complaints) but I feel like I should blog this, in part because I am not so angry I can't see straight, which is usually a hint for me that blogging is not a wise decision and because its about brand loyalty which in light of returning my iPhone I am thinking about. I'll provide some background, but if you'd like to get to the point it's don't buy a camera from Casio and think hard about Customer Service. My first digital camera was a Sony, but my second was a Canon Powershot and two subsequent cameras Read more [...]

New ebook reader to watch – the Cooler

I love the idea of an ebook reader, but I have problems with Amazon's Kindle, foremost being price and inability to load my own content on without sending it through Amazon. I've been playing with the Sony Reader the last week or so but I don't love it either. Since I want to love ebook readers I'm on the look out for anything that might improve them. The Cooler is an interesting venture in the market.  It's sleeker and well, prettier, it comes in 8 colours including ruby red, vivid violet and hot pink, you can view jpg, pdf, txt, and mp3 files right to it yourself.  Its not without its problems, Read more [...]

The UNICEF Bee and the Digital Doorway

This video, The Future of the Library, has been making the rounds on library blogs and after watching it I visit the blog Everywhere is Here.  Lately I've been thinking a lot about the digital divide and the bubble I spend most of my time in so I was much more interested in this video.  It is about the Digital Doorway and the UNICEF Bee, providing access to the internet for those in remote areas.  The project was inspired by the Hole in the Wall experiment (perhaps more famous for inspiring the movie Slumdog Millionare) The information and access we take for granted, so for granted in Read more [...]