The future of the book – Possible or Probable

This is an interesting videos from Editis, a French publisher on the future of the book. Its a bit long, but worth a watch. Now I don't speak any French but here is what I *think* I saw happening scanning barcodes of book at a traditional bookstore to purchase them on the ebook reader touchscreen interactive color write on the books with a stylus multimedia content - the guide books sharing copies from one ereader to the next email magazines blogs books music If this were available today I'd buy one right now. Read more [...]

Do you understand Facebook’s privacy settings?

They are complicated and change often, even if you think you know them this is a good time to review them. Think it doesn't matter? That you don't care if the whole world sees what you've posted?  What if Facebook was using your photo in ads? They might be. I came across this blog post today about Facebook could be using your photos in their ads.  To change this option -> Settings -> Privacy -> News Feed and Wall -> Facebook Ads -> Appearance in Facebook Ads and click "no one." I had no idea this was even an option or possibility and I pay pretty close attention to my Read more [...]

ALA 2009 wrap up

I survived my first ALA! It was intense and exhilorating and tiring, but worth every minute of it.   When I return from conferences there are always a lot of thoughts rolling around and it takes me about  a week to solidify everything.  But here are the things that really stuck with me and what I'm thinking about.  Expect to see at least some of these as full blog posts when I've got my thoughts in line. You may not have signed up for this job but it’s the job you have deal with it admins and managers let your staff go, the worse that could happen is that you have a failed project Read more [...]

The Great Debate – Has library 2.0 fulfilled its promise?

This is the last session from ALA I took notes on. It went by fast and I tried to be as accurate as possible. Has library 2.0 fulfilled its promise? Modorated by Roy Tennant The panel consisted of : David Lee King, Meredith Farkas, Michael Porter and Cindi Trainor What is library 2.0 – Cindi – create spaces for people, value participation Michael – what libraries do to fulfill role as community anchors has to change, mentioned KBG text company, they will answer your reference question but you to pay for it Meredith – about being user focus, seeing creation of service as an Read more [...]

Matt Hamilton : Libraries and Innovation

Matt Hamilton : Libraries and Innovation : creating environments for encouraging and supporting creativity and innovation among staff How do we begin the messy job of creating a culture of innovation What will you need? Patience, perseverance, vision and a way to empower staff Patience is hard to come by for innovators, we see something and want it now, and have made the change before others even see it coming Get comfortable with ambiguity incubation Don’t be afraid to use the word – pilot, even if it fails it encourages others to try new things Look before you leap, but don’t be Read more [...]

Robin Hastings – Web 3.0

Symantec tagging Microformats - hcard Web as a database – rdf, subset of xml Instead of holding all info in proprietary databases data will be coded SPARQL – sql for rdf Web as application – mashups Questions: How many security issues are we looking at? Shouldn’t put any info out there that is sensitive Has anyone looked at DDS attacks against this sort of thing, it would be pretty easy to take one down – no that she knows of When you say microformats I think fiche – what does microformat mean in a web3.0 context – way to tag your content in a semantic Read more [...]

Rachel Vacek –Libraries Using Mobile Devices

Instead of focusing on mobile needs of library users, focusing on mobile needs of librarians, some librarians were more interested in a netbook Every librarian got an ipod touch or a netbook Ideas that are needed the most will probably be the most difficult to implement because involve a proprietary ILS Geeks just waiting to program things, look for collaboration in your community Create buyin Petting zoo Don’t’ be afraid to play Share your experiences Questions: Which IlS are you hoping to build a mobile interface for? IEEE What apps will be discussed in class? Where is the Read more [...]

Jessica Moyer – Audio books, ebooks, & online reading impact on library services & collections

All the ways you can read stuff that is not in a book anymore – ipod touch, amazon kindle, has its own wireless network and email address, eink technology, biggest group of kindle owners over the age of 50, price dropped last week to $300 Audiobooks – not just bcds and cassette, but need to deal with drm and compatibility issues, overdrive still doesn’t work with Mac, Playaway – great for Kindle plays audible,com files Over 52% of users get their audiobooks fro a library Do you think the kindle is a step on the way to something bigger and better? Discussing more linked in content – Read more [...]

Ubiquitous Computing – Jason Griffey – Unconference Session 1

Jason Griffey – I do lots of stuff google me Ubiquitous computing – computers everywhere, mobile phones, net books, kindles Devices to devices, no longer devices to server Metcalfs law Free – Chris Anderson Cant compete on cost so much make things easies Questions & Comments from Office: What about server costs? – how can you distribute free content when backend stuff costs? Jasson - bit torrent you distributed over a number of people who willing to share cost When you talk about servers are you talking about Tech or traditional such as a reference librarian might provide. Why Read more [...]