Ebooks and Libraries: Like Peanut Butter & Chocolate or Oil & Water?

Last week I participated in an online Twitter conversation led by Charlotte Abbott at Follow the Reader.  When Charlotte asked me to be a guest in the discussion the topic was how to increase ebook adoption in libraries.  We knew the topic was going to be interesting when the conversation got intense on twitter before the discussion even got started, summed up here Will E-Books Really Destroy Libraries? There is a great recap of the Twitter discussion at Follow the Reader,  Quest for a Viable Library E-Book Licensing Model. Charlotte has divided the tweets in to category or subject: Pay-Per-Circulation Read more [...]

Introducing Transliteracy Georgia Public Library Service & Georgia Library Association

This morning I participated in an webinar for the Georgia Public Library Service, Introducing Transliteracy to Libraries. Introduction to Transliteracy for Libraries View more presentations from Bobbi Newman. You can find the transcripts on WhattheHashTag [Update] You can listen to the recording here. Promised links and resources: Libraries and Transliteracy Blog Defining Transliteracy Libraries and Transliteracy Slideshow Libraries and Transliteracy Facebook Page Transliteracy.com Informing Communities: Sustaining Democracy in the Digital Age.  Knight Commission on the Read more [...]

Why I Love Kindle Desktop for eBooks

I really love using Kindle Desktop for reading ebooks on my netbook. The great thing is there are so many free books, and I don't just mean old ones, that I think everyone should use it even if they never plan to buy a book, just to take advantage of the freebies. Free books: As of right now I only have 3 books in my library that I paid for. The Myth of Multitasking which I actually bought last year during the brief time I owned an iPhone Drive by Daniel Pink - this was on my to-read list forever and I'm currently reading it Cognitive Surplus - which I pre-ordered, I'm a huge Clay Shirky Read more [...]

How I Got Over My Issues and Learned to Love eBooks

The idea of an ebook reader has intrigued me for a while.  I wanted one to read my nonfiction on. I highlight my books, write in the margins and flag pages (gasp!) so the appeal for me was being able to search books and my notes fast and easy. I also read a lot of pdf reports and I wanted to be able to read them on the device and highlight and make notes in them too. But like many librarians (and others) I had a problem with being tied to one device, issues with DRM, pricing, ownership, compatibility and libraries so I kept putting off committing to a device and reading ebooks.  Three things Read more [...]

Top Ten Links Week 23

My personally selected top 10 from the links I shared on Twitter from 6/4/2010 thru 6/10/2010 1. great list of people to follow! - My Personal Learning Network of Librarians & Library Trainers By @MLx - this pretty self explanatory, Marianne has put together a great list 2. 10 Ways to Use Google Books for Lifelong Learning and Research via @MLx Build Your Own Personal Library for Lifelong Learning Your Very Own Magazine Stand Try the Advanced Book Search Share Your Library with Others Search for Specific Text within Your Own Collection Find Copycats Get the Meanings of Read more [...]

Battledecks: The ALA Rumble Royale

Yes I let Janie talk me into this, what was I thinking? lol Battledecks represent the ultimate challenge for a public speaker as they are challenged to give a coherent presentation based on hand-selected, seemingly unrelated slides that they see for the very first time live on stage. This competition, often referred to as “PowerPoint Karaoke,”, will see eight brave and willing participants compete for the glory of being crowned ALA’s reigning Battledecks champion. The participants will face judgment from a panel of four judges, with the winner to be determined based on a variety Read more [...]

How to Decide Who to Follow on Twitter

I have had several conversations lately about how to use Twitter and how to decide who to follow. I know everyone has a different methodology and goal when using Twitter.  Here is mine. I have gmail filter, label and auto archive emails from Twitter and I go through them every week or so. Any of the following disqualifies the account for a follow: the default avatar 10,000 followers or more businesses social media experts marketing experts no bio no real name private account Of course as these are my rules I have broken them all at least once I'm sure.  :-) Other than Read more [...]