Round 5 of Library Day in the Life!

July 26th 2010 will start Round 5 of Library Day in the Life Project. What is the Library Day in the Life Project? well it started with this post suggesting that we blog what we do all day at work.  Libraries are changing so rapidly and we all know no ones is reading books, despite what the public may think  The idea being that you’re sharing an average day, so many of us don’t have an average day though so a lot of people did a week, me included. I maybe just do a day this time though, we’ll see. If you are wondering why you should participate Meredith Farkas offers an Read more [...]

Publishing is the New Literacy

In a recent piece at Clay Shirky talks about the changes brought about by the internet and relates them to historical  events. To make a historical analogy with the last major increase in the written word, you could earn a living in 1500 simply by knowing how to read and write. The spread of those abilities in the subsequent century had the curious property of making literacy both more essential and less professional; literacy became critical at the same time as the scribes lost their jobs. It is our misfortune to live through the largest increase in expressive capability in the Read more [...]

How to Create a Secure Password

When I talk about transliteracy I often use this stat It would take a hacker 5.15 minutes to hack your 6 character all lower case password.  Add in numbers, symbols and capital letters and it goes up to 8.51 days from a Lifehacker article, How I’d Hack Your Weak Passwords, as an example of import skills we aren't being taught. Its simple its basic and so very important.  I see audience members quickly writing this down and often am asked for more information.  The time has come for a post. A secure password should have: a minimum of 8 characters lower case upper case number(s) symbol(s) Tips Randomly Read more [...]

Even With the Sacred Printing Press, We Got Erotic Novels 150 Years Before We Got Scientific Journals.

Clay Shirky talks about cognitive surplus in this Ted talk. Now it's tempting to want to get the Ushahidis without the LOLcats, right, to get the serious stuff without the throwaway stuff. But media abundance never works that way. Freedom to experiment means freedom to experiment with anything. Even with the sacred printing press, we got erotic novels 150 years before we got scientific journals. I love this quote for several reasons. First, it amuses me that he points out that the printing press and writing word are not the hollowed institutions we librarians often like to think they are. Read more [...]

Designing Digital Experiences for Library Websites #ala10

On Sunday I had the honor of presenting with David Lee King,Toby Greenwalt, and John Blyberg. It was amazing to be on a panel with them and I learned a lot by listening to their presentations. Toby has shared his along with some notes. They are doing some amazing things at Skokie. David has posted his as well. Designing Digital Experiences for Library Websites View more presentations from David King. John and I went commando (no slides) so I have none to share with you. Read more [...]

ALA Battledecks 2010 The Rumble Royale Videos #ala10

I have many blog posts percolating from ALA, pages of notes to decipher and I still need to regain my voice. However in the meantime something to tide you over - Battledecks. I have to give Janie Hermann mad props for my awesome bio: Next up is Bobbi “Nuclear” Newman She is the "Librarian by Day” and you will need to ask yo mama what she is by night! Bobbi’s passions include admiring shoes, buying shoes, talking about shoes, photographing shoes and tweeting about shoes. She has recently found the joy of going commando when presenting – yes, she has been known to give a talk Read more [...]

The Digital Divide Does Not Discriminate

This short video is from the March 9, 2010 FCC summit to discuss the need to include all Americans in the digital age.  It gives clear examples of the need for access and the skills to use the internet across a diverse segment of the population. People need universal access to broadband and the skills to use it, not as a privilege, but as a right. These five stories come from Americans who have found digital literacy to be a major influence in their lives. Learn more: Librarians Play a Vital Role in 21st Century Literacies Should Broadband Access be a Right? I Say Yes FCC’s Read more [...]

ALA Conference Survival Tips #ala10

Last year was my first ALA and it is definitely nothing like other conferences.  This is a combination of tips I've shared before and new ones learned the hard way. I've also included a reading list with suggestions on networking and tips for introverts. Give people your name - wear your name badge up near your face rather than on a lanyard so it’s easy for people to glance at it while talking to.  Introduce yourself, even if you’ve already met the person.  Some of us have hard time with names and there are a LOT of people to remember. Don’t hang out with the people you came with Read more [...]