Top Ten Links Week 30 – Happiness, Social Media Comptency, eBooks, Digital Natives, Prezi, Facebook Privacy and More!

My personal select top ten links from Twitter 7/23/2010 through 7/29/2010. The best of the best and/or the most important stuff I tweeted last week 1. So-Called "Digital Natives" Not Media Savvy, New Study Shows via @colleengreene - I know the concept of digital natives has been popular but anyone who works with the generation knows that it is inaccurate there is a huge divide between those with the access to technology, never mind the know-how to use it. 2. AssortedStuff » We Need More Tech Skeptics - more on the idea of digital natives 3. Five tips for asking better questions - asking Read more [...]

Why Transliteracy? An Introduction for Librarians – a Tech Talk with Michael Sauers

I had the honor of being Michael Sauers guest on his NCompass Live Tech Talk series.  I did a brief overview of transliteracy and its importance to libraries.  The session was recorded and will be up after some editing, in the meantime here are my slides and some links. Why Transliteracy? An Introduction for LibrariansView more presentations from Bobbi Newman. Relevant Links: Transliteracy as a Blueberry Smoothie Escaping the Echo Chamber – presentation Defining Transliteracy for Librarians FCC’s Broadband Action Agenda Fails to Address Training and Education Empowering Read more [...]

Library Day in the Life Round 5, libday5

This post is part of the Library Day in the Life Project. For those of you who don't know me I'm a Digital Branch Manager at the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries in Columbus Georgia.  I have been here just over a year. 6:00 wake up and get to work.  I drink coffee while checking my email and Twitter and Facebook.  Facebook includes checking my Librarian by Day page, Libraries and Transliteracy page, and Day in the Life Group since FB doesn't send email notifications for activity on these I try to check them a couple of times a day.  I also walk my dogs and get ready for work. 8:15 Read more [...]

Mobile Phones Are Not The Key to Bridging the Digital Divide

Something new to consider as we consider broadband access as a universal right - mobile phones. NPR looks at a recent report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project on Mobile Access.  Does 3G (and soon to be 4G) speed qualify as broadband access? NPR quotes these stats from Pew African-Americans and English-speaking Latinos continue to be among the most active users of the mobile web. Cell phone ownership is higher among African-Americans and Latinos than among whites (87% vs. 80%) and minority cell phone owners take advantage of a much greater range of their phones’ features compared Read more [...]

Top Ten Links Week 29- Logo Contest, Speaker Tips, Finding Time, The Value of Privacy, and More

My personal select top ten links from Twitter 7/16/2010 through 7/22/2010. The best of the best and/or the most important stuff I tweeted last week! 1. Logo Contest Entry – John LeMasney « Libraries and Transliteracy - Libraries and Transliteracy needs a logo so we've opened up a contest. 2. Logo Contest Entry – Nate Hill « Libraries and Transliteracy @natenatenate 3. The networked speaker: 10 ways to make the most of your next gig via @dontgetcaught - some great tips from one of my new favorite blogs Business cards QR (quick response) A special website for Read more [...]

Sign Up For Tech Talk With Michael Sauers – Transliteracy

On Wednesday I have the honor of being the guest on Tech Talk with Michael Sauers for the Nebraska Library Commission. I will be giving a brief introduction to transliteracy then answering questions from Michael and others. I'm excited about the conversational tone of this talk versus the presentations I've done on tranlsliteracy! The session is free and open to everyone Read more [...]

Yes You Do Have The Time to Learn That New Fangled Internet, Just Put Down The Remote

This post has been rolling around in my head for a while and after reading Stephen Abram's response to  Emily Lloyd's strip about 23 Things I'm putting fingers to keyboard to get it out. My reaction to Emily's post is different from Stephen's. What I see is how important it is to keep learning.  23 Things was, and still is, great. But let's not forget lesson 2 was on life long learning. The purpose of 23 Things was to get your feet wet, a place to start, test the water, so you could jump in and swim, not continue to sit on the dock. We have this idea that once we've memorized all the dates, Read more [...]

Old Spice, New Spice and Libraries

Check out this awesome library parody of the Old Spice Commercials from The Harold B. Lee Library Multimedia Unit. I'm seriously impressed with the idea behind and the implementation of this video. And this video from Old Spice in response to my friend Andy Woodworth and others on Twitter. Read more [...]