The Lifehacker Pack for Android Plus a Few of My Favorites

Lifehacker has put together a great list of their favorite Android applications. Since I've been meaning to write another post about my Evo and the apps I use regularly these is a great place to start. Thanks to Polly for bringing this list to my attention Productivity Astrid Evernote Personal Finance mNote TripIt Internet/Communication Dolphin Browser HD Facebook for Android PDANet Google Voice Trillian Twitter for Android My additions update 10/12/10 I now use Seesmic for Twitter, it allows me to choose retweet style and view my lists update 10/18/2010 Read more [...]

6 Reasons Your Library Should Host a TEDxLive Viewing Party for TEDWomen

What is TEDWomen? On December 7 and 8, 2010, TEDWomen will gather five hundred global thought leaders, innovators and storytellers in Washington, DC, to watch enlightening speakers and connect with a global community of women and men. The cross-disciplinary, cross-generational program will focus on how women think and work, communicate and collaborate, learn and lead. The program will explore what this means and why it matters to all of us. TEDx and TEDWomen The vision for TEDWomen is unlike any other "Women" conference. One of our key objectives is to hear from female voices around Read more [...]

Round Up: What It Means to Have an Masters in Library Science, or Information Science or…

...Information Resources and Library Science, like mine. A round up of the discussions happening around the web right now. Most of these post have a LOT of comments. Even if you don't agree with them or the comments it is worth the time to read through them. Andy Woodworth wrote The Master’s Degree Misperception and followed it up with The Master’s Degree Misperception, Ctd. Emily Lloyd of Shelf Check responded with Response to "The Master's Degree Misperception" and Response to "The Master’s Degree Misperception, Ctd." Ned Potter brought a UK perspective to the discussion Read more [...]

Top Ten Links Week 35, eBooks, Digital Divide, and Social Media Fatigue

My personal select top ten links from Twitter 8/27/2010 through 9/2/2010. The best of the best and/or the most important stuff I tweeted last week 1. 7 Stories About Women Heroes in Tech via dontgetcaught - I can always use more inspiring stories about women, especially in tech where there seem to be fewer of us. 2. You Have to Be in It to Win It!: A seven-step program to embrace ebooks - A great remind and an easy list from Library School Journal 3. Broadband summit asks how to close rural digital divide - some great stats and information about broadband access in the digital divide Read more [...]

Libraries and Transliteracy Swag

Thanks to the logo contest we had last month over at Libraries and Transliteracy we now have swag! Yes we’ve opened our very own Cafepress store for Libraries and Transliteracy Swag!  You can get just about anything from coffee cups, totebags (come on you can never have enough totebags) to baseball caps. I ordered a totebag and a coffee cup and you can see the photos on Flickr. We’d love to see pictures of your swag in action, you can email them to me or add them to our group on Flickr. Read more [...]

So You Want to be a Librarian? A Guide For Those Considering an MLS, Current Students & Job Seekers

I get a lot of email asking for advice either on getting an MLS, the job search or the skills needed. So I've pulled together a list of the best of the best advice for potential MLS students, current students and job seekers. In cases where the titles are not self explanatory I've grabbed a sentence or two from the post to give context The Degree So, You Want To Be A Librarian? Part I What the eff can you do with a MLIS/Archives/Library Science degree? - Earlier tonight a friend passed a question on to me from Aardvark in which the person asks, "What can you do with an MLIS other than Read more [...]

TedX Atlanta Re:solve

Last week in the midst of a personal crisis (one of my doggies had emergency surgery and they are my babies) I received some exciting news - an invitation to TedX Atlanta! For those of you not familiar with Ted and Tedx Events some background info: TED is an annual event where some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers are invited to share what they are most passionate about. “TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design — three broad subject areas that are, collectively, shaping our future. And in fact, the event is broader still, showcasing ideas that matter in any discipline. TEDx In Read more [...]

Ask And You Shall Receive, Jason Griffey Answers My eBooks, DRM and eReader Questions

This morning on Twitter I asked: Can someone explain to me the tech reasons Kindle doesn't work with library ebooks, know its DRM, want more specific plz & thnx @griffey I included an @griffey at the end because I suspected Jason Griffey was the person I know most likely to know the answer. I wasn't wrong :-) Even better he answered me via a blog post. Great technical information about ebooks, filetypes and DRM. Thinking talking or wondering about ebooks? Go read it. Read more [...]

How to Disable Facebook’s Newest Feature: Places. Yes, The Default Setting is Enable

Today Facebook rolled out it's newest feature, Places, to US users. It allows you to check in at venues on using the Facebook app on your smart phone a la Foursquare or Gowalla. Facebook goes one step further, it allows others to check you in and you to check others in. Don't want your friends checking you in? You need to disable this feature, this video from Lifehacker shows you how. Don't care? Enjoy! Read more [...]