Why Libraries Should Look Beyond Library Card Ownership As A Measure of Support

Last week the Pew Internet and American Life Project released their latest report on the role of libraries in the digital age. I have loved being involved with this project and was excited for this latest report to go live. I was also nervous. Along with the typology of library users Pew was releasing data about library usage and reported perception of the role and importance of libraries, including the percentage of user in each group that has a library card. I know librarians love this statistic and they use it in their reports to library boards and in national data to show support of libraries. Read more [...]

New Tumblr Blog – Librarian by Day Notebook

For a while now I have been struggling with an issue - how and where should I post stories, news, and information relevant to libraries and the issues that are important to me (digital literacy, digital divide, technology policy, etc)? I am trying to focus more on conversation and less on link sharing on my Twitter account. I have done a good job of cutting back on the link sharing, but not so well with the conversation aspect. I don't want to share links on this blog without adding my own commentary and thoughts to posts. I tried using Facebook but with the newsfeed algorithm and other issues Read more [...]

1262 Photos, 36 Countries, and Two Years Later – This Is What A Librarian Looks Like

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the launch of This is What a Librarian Looks Like! Submissions have slowed down after the last year but we still added over 500 new photos! That's right! There are 1,294 photos from 36 different countries! We have have over 70,000 followers on Tumbrl!  What I've learned: Tumblr is great for submission, but terrible for indexing, searching, or just data period. Librarians rock! They are fire dancers, fire breathers, runners, swimmers, bicyclists, zombies, fairies, roller derby divas, football players, foodies, skiers, beer lovers, whiskery and gin Read more [...]

Disruption as Opportunity #OLASC14

On January 30, 2014 I delivered the Ontario College and University Library Association Spotlight speaker address at Ontario Library Association Superconference, Toronto Canada. As usual my slides are not intended to stand alone but I am posting them at the request of attendees and to provide easy to access to my references/recommended reading list. Enjoy! Disruption as Opportunity - Spotlight Speaker from Bobbi Newman References/Recommended Reading List Berry, J. M. (1984). The Interest Group Society. Boston: Little, Brown. Blanchard, K. H., & Bowles, S. M. (1993). Raving Fans: Read more [...]

Tips, Must Haves, and Where to Eat and Drink for #alamw14

Unfortunately I won't be in Philly but I've updated my suggestions for those who are going. First, I don't check a bag when I travel, I haven't for years, so many of my suggestions are based on maximizing the space I do have. I usually still manage to bring several pairs of shoes though I stick to comfortable ones for big conferences like ALA. These are the things I can NOT live without at conferences External battery for your mobile and/or tablet- I cannot express enough love for this device. Seriously go buy one right now! Even if you ignore all the rest of my advice!  It’s Read more [...]

New Pew Report on the Value of Public Libraries in Communities

This morning Pew Internet & American Life released the latest report on libraries in the digital age. "How Americans Value Public Libraries in Their Communities" reports on the value of libraries services to their community. The vast majority of Americans ages 16 and older say that public libraries play an important role in their communities: 95% of Americans ages 16 and older agree that the materials and resources available at public libraries play an important role in giving everyone a chance to succeed; 95% say that public libraries are important because they promote literacy Read more [...]

Please Help These Iowa Students Get 1.5 Million Postcards

As many of you know I returned to my home state of Iowa a couple of years ago. I love my home state, there are a lot of great things happening here, and I try to support as many as I can. I grew about less than half an hour from Danville, so I'm happy to share this project.  Please consider sending a postcard and let them know you're a librarian (or not) and where you work and live! From the flyer Anne Frank’s Iowa Connection – Few know it but the most famous face in the Holocaust had a pen pal in Danville, Iowa named Juanita Wagner. Anne sent a letter and a postcard from her vast collection Read more [...]

Accufest Keynote On the Future of Libraries

I spoke at the Accufest conference in Heidlerberg Germany this month. It was a wonderful experience.  It is a small conference focused on publishers. I delivered a presentation on libraries (see below) and Cameron Neylon from PLOS delivered a presentation on open access. ACCUFEST is an event organized by ACCUCOMS for publishers. ACCUFEST provides publishers with the latest information on countries, regions, market trends and ACCUCOMS’ services.  In addition, ACCUFEST offers a unique opportunity for publishers to discuss current topics and trends with other industry specialists. My presentation Read more [...]