Top Ten Links 2.3 – All About Ebooks

My personally selected top ten from the links I shared on Twitter 1.16.2011 through 1.22.2011.  In no particular order About Top Ten Links - I share a lot on Twitter over the course of a week. I know not everyone is on Twitter or on Twitter every moment, so last year I decided I would pull the top ten, the best of the best, the most important things I shared on Twitter and post them on the blog. Its a good review for me and hopefully helpful to you. 1. Reviewing the impact of #Kindle not supporting or supporting library books #ebooks via @msauers an interesting look at the possible cost Read more [...]

January 2011 – Here’s What I’m Reading, Plus a Few Old Favorites. What Are You Reading?

Thanks to the holidays and Mid Winter I am still working on titles I've mentioned before Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age by Clay Shirky and Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping--Updated and Revised for the Internet, the Global Consumer, and Beyond for Non-Fiction. Fiction In Fiction I finished off the Gemma Doyle trilogy with The Sweet Far Thing and moved onto World Without End the follow up to Ken Follet's The Pillars of the Earth. Reports For reports of course I'm reading Perceptions of Libraries, 2010: Context and Community from OCLC. Old Favorites Earlier Read more [...]

What is Library Day in the Life and You Should Participate #libday6

The Fabulous Librarian (and fashionista, seriously. she has awesome fashion sense) Daenel over at Living Outside the Stacks created this video explaining the project and why she'll be participating next week. Check it out! Not only is the video a great intro to the project Daenel has a lot of followers (both on her blog and on Twitter) who are not librarians, so the project is escaping the echo chamber (echolib). Awesome! Thank you Daenel! Read more [...]

How to Monitor Your Personal Brand (For Free)

Yes you need to. Everyone does.  Even if you're just on Twitter, even if you're not. You need to pay attention to what others are saying to and about you online.  I know many of you do this for your library but it is important to do it for yourself too. Why? Carie Lewis lists 5 different categories or reasons Brand – mentions of your name, including acronyms, misspellings, etc Current – issues that people are talking about that involve you right now Detractors – people you know don’t like you but talk about you Competition – people in the same space as you Staff Read more [...]

Library Day in the Life Round 6 Begins January 24th 2011

It's hard to believe but Round 6 of Library Day in the Life Project will run January 24th through the 30th. What is the Library Day in the Life Project? It started when I come discovered someone had searched "What's a librarian's day like" to find my blog so I wrote a blog post suggesting that we blog what we do all day at work.  Then we (and maybe patrons) could see what we do all day. Some people blogged a day, others like me blogged a week. I did a week because I felt like I have no average day so a week would better represent what I do. If you are wondering why you should participate Meredith Read more [...]

Librarian by Day as an Android App

Earlier this week someone asked me if I had ever created an app. My answer - nope, never had a reason to.  But it got me thinking about it and serendipitously this morning on twitter I saw this: Quickly Turn Your Blog Into an Android App with Sure its just a blog but and its a very simple app but it uses RSS so you could use it for anything that produces a feed. Event calendar anyone? So I went through the process to create my own app.  You create an account a and it walks you through the process, basically enter your feed, upload some images and viola! Read more [...]

eBooks and eReaders: There Can Be Only One

Sarah's recent post - Why I am a library traitor and love the Kindle got me thinking - WHY is she a library traitor? I know I know, but hear me out. I have a Kindle. I love my Kindle. You know what I do with  my Kindle? I buy books, books I didn't check out from the library (the horror!). But here's the thing, wait for it, I've always bought books! Books I didn't check out from the library (gasp!) and I've also always used the library. Really I have been a heavy library user since I can remember. From an early age I read print books. Later I learned to love audiobooks on CD or cassette Read more [...]

Looking Forward – How Will You Use Your Gifts In the Coming Year?

I'm not usually one for resolutions, but 2010 has been a long year and I am looking forward to the New Year with unusual anticipation, and this is so timely for me. As we look forward to 2011 it is important for some reflection, so ask yourself as librarians, teachers, leaders, individuals: How will you use your gifts? What choices will you make? Will inertia be your guide, or will you follow your passions? Will you follow dogma, or will you be original? Will you choose a life of ease, or a life of service and adventure? Will you wilt under criticism, or will you follow your convictions? Will Read more [...]

The Best of the Best: The 20 Most Important, Thought Provoking, Helpful Posts I Wrote in 2010

That's a pretty bold title if I do say so myself :-)  I know there are 7 days left but with the holidays I feel ok publishing this list now. I didn't base these on stats or comments but rather what I feel was the most import. Sometimes I put my heart and soul into something and it gets so little attention I want to cry, and other times I spent 15 minutes cranking out something I've barely thought out and people go mad for it.  So I decided to hand select what I feel where the most significant posts. Thoughtful and thought provoking (I hope) 1. Librarians Play a Vital Role in 21st Read more [...]