Why I’m Returning the Kindle DX or My Continued Search for the Prefect PDF Reader

Update 3/21/2012 I have since purchased an iPad specifically to read PDFs and wrote a post on the system I'm using - My “Perfect” System for Storing, Organizing, Reading and Annotating PDFs There is nothing exceptional or particularly exciting about my returning the Kindle DX . But I've been talking about how much I want one just to use it to read PDFs that I thought I should share what went wrong. In a nutshell something call "enhanced pdf reader". A huge motivation for getting my Kindle 3G last year was the highlighting and note-taking ability for books. Amazon magically syncs Read more [...]

On Hiatus, Family Comes First

This blog and the majority of my online activities, including Twitter, are on temporary hiatus while I attend to family matters. We suffered an unexpected death in the family last week and I am in Iowa focusing personal matters. I don’t know how long the hiatus will be, maybe a week, maybe two, maybe more, but I wanted to let my readers know I haven’t abandoned the blog or my online work, I’m just focusing my energy where it needs to be for the time being, on my family.

Seth Godin Misses the Point on Libraries, Again.

I was curious to read what Godin had to say about libraries this time. Last time he wrote about them it was pretty clear he didn't "get it" and many librarians responded with posts of their own (you're not allowed to comment on Godin's blog) Before I get too far into this I want to point out I also find it interesting that Godin brings up Kindle several times in this post. Let's not forget he has a dog in that fight, he has partnered with Amazon to create his Domino Project. Now for his new post The Future of the Library I was happy to see this: The librarian isn't a clerk who happens Read more [...]

Top Ten 2.19: Leadership, Success, Facebook Shenanigans, The Shame of LA, and So Much More

My personally selected top ten from the links I shared on Twitter 5.7.2011 through 5.13.2011.  In no particular order: 1. Facebook admits hiring PR firm to smear Google /via @engadget This story broke this week and it wasn't until after I'd tweeted it that I learned that the PR firm referenced one of my blog posts in their attempts to smear Google! Crazy and Weird. Especially since I've written far more often about Facebook privacy problems. 2. wow -> Sitting All Day is Killing You Seriously look at that info-graphic. It bothered me enough that I started researching stand up desks Read more [...]

Beware Your Information Bubble

Eli Pariser talks about filter bubbles in this terrific TED Talk. As human beings were prone to bubbles, we gravitate to people like us, people with the same views, the same socio-economic class, the same habits etc. All sorts of studies show that if you're likely to have similar habits and life-styles as the people you associate with. The web has been applauded as a way to escape that echo-chamber you live in. Except, as Pariser points out, there are companies like Google and Facebook and Yahoo looking to personalize your web experience, and that personalization makes your bubble even smaller. Read more [...]

My Favorite Tools and Tips in Ten Installments: 4. Facebook

Yes its true. Facebook. Facebook is one of my favorite things and not just for checking up on what my out-of-town friends did last weekend. I use it for professional stuff a LOT! I follow a lot of professional organizations and websites on Facebook. I listed the top six of the library ones in my post 6 Facebook Pages Every Librarian Should Follow: American Library Association – You don’t need to be a dues paying member of ALA to benefit from the stories and information relevant to all libraries they post on Facebook. Webjuction – Webjunction regularly hosts free webinars and Read more [...]

Top Ten Links 2.18: TED Talks, Failure, ALA, Privacy, Personal Branding and Identity

My personally selected top ten from the links I shared on Twitter 4.30.2011 through 5.6.2011.  In no particular order: 1 TEDucation: 5 TED Talks Librarians Should Watch (and Why) Andy has put together a list of 5 must see TED talks. Ken Robinson – Schools Kill Creativity William Kamkwamba: How I Harnessed the Wind Malcolm Gladwell – What We Can Learn from Spaghetti Sauce Mark Bezos – A Life Lesson from a Volunteer Firefighter JR – Use Art To Turn the World Inside Out 2. It's not the mistake. It's how you deal with it by @dontgetcaught I've written before about mistakes Read more [...]

My Favorite Tools and Tips in Ten Installments: 3. Bit.ly

This is post 3 of 10 in my 10 favorite tools series. I regularly get asked how I “do it all” so I’ve put together some of handy tools that (in addition to hard work) help me do it. I covered how I use Google tools and my tools & strategy for Twitter last week. This week its bit.ly, yes a URL shortner, but it does so much more! This is my favorite sharing tool for Twitter, it allows you to shorten and share links right from your browser.  Any time I'm reading and article or a blog post or see something I think might be of interest I can hit the bookmarklet, and it automatically grabs Read more [...]