Reflecting on Library Day in the Life Round 8 #libday8

Wow! Hard to believe when this all started I could read all the posts by all the bloggers. Now I couldn't if I wanted to, never mind the tweets. Some numbers from Round 8 of the Library Day in the Life Project, Twitter has made it increasingly hard to get data from Tweets by closing access for services such as WhattheHashTag and TwapperKeeper, so I don't have the numbers from Twitter like I have in the past.  My best estimate is that there were over 1,000 people tweeting with the #libday8 hashtag. From the wiki: 350 people have registers 20 Countries including: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Read more [...]

The First Rule of ALA Executive Board is You Don’t Talk About ALA Executive Board

Ok not really. At least I don't think so. Based on how many people I talked with at MidWinter who didn't know about the election process or what Executive Board does it might be. :-) Several people contacted me and asked me to elaborate on the Executive Board process and experience I mentioned in my MidWinter reflections post. It does seem odd to me that there isn't more information out there about the process, especially from past candidates. No one said I couldn't talk about it and since I have been very transparent over the years about most, if not all, of my professional endeavors I thought Read more [...]

How Useful Are the Top Ten Link Posts?

This year has brought many changes, one of them is less blogging. It is hard to believe there was a point when I blogged everyday, now I spend my 5am-6am time studying. At the beginning of 2010 I decide to try something new and each week pick the top ten, the best of the best of the links I'd shared on Twitter that week. I still share a lot on Twitter (though not as much) and I still think that those links are important, so I'm torn about the Top Ten Links posts. I think there is still value in them, though I guess the more important question is - Do you? If I do continue posting them I'm Read more [...]

Why Are You Here? Reflections on ALA MidWinter #alamw12

This Midwinter was different for me. It is the first one I have attended since returning to school full-time. It means I paid my own way, every penny of it, and I was on my own time. It also means I chose to have my badge just say my name and city and state. This is not my first conference since returning to school, I was at Internet Librarian in October, but MidWinter was markedly different. The first question you are often asked when you meet new people is where you work or what type of library you work in. My response was usually that I wasn't currently working full-time in a library, that Read more [...]

Sign Up For Library Day in the Life Round 8! #libday8

I can't believe it but it's almost time for Round 8 of Library Day in the Life Project! It will run January 30th through February 5th. What is the Library Day in the Life Project? It's a chance to share your day, or week, with other librarians and hopefully the public at large. It started when I come discovered someone had searched “What’s a librarian’s day like” to find my blog so I wrote a blog post suggesting that other librarians and library workers blog what we do all day at work.  Then we (and maybe patrons) could see what we do all day. A second objective is to escape Read more [...]

My Interview on Circulating Ideas

Last month I (finally) had the opportunity to speak to Steve Thomas of Circulating Ideas. We had been trying to get together since April when I first met him at a meeting of the North Georgia Library Association. I've been a big supporter of Steve and Circulating Ideas since it was a twinkle in his eye so of course I was thrilled to finally be on the show.  Visit the site to listen to the Podcast or subscribe via iTunes. Read more [...]

My “Perfect” System for Storing, Organizing, Reading and Annotating PDFs

I have been looking for the perfect pdf reader for a long time. You may remember that earlier this year I returned the Kindle DX after it failed to live up to my requirements. Here is what I was looking for: ability to highlight ability to make notes ability to export those notes & highlights (I like to put them in a Google docs folder so I can search them easily at any time). small & portable, easy to read on a plane or carry around with me. preferably e-ink, but if you can recommend a super awesome program that will work on the PC I’d consider it. If you read the comments Read more [...]

Looking Back: The 5 Most Valuable Lessons I Learned (or Re-Learned) in 2011

I've been thinking about this post for over a month. The one I wrote last year was so well received, and important to me in many ways. This type of post is so much more personal than the content I normally share on this blog, but I think that's a good thing. I almost didn't write this post this year. Many of my lessons learned in 2011 where of the harsh and often brutal kind that aren't really fit for public publication on a professional blog. At the same time I think there is some benefit to taking the rough and ragged things and polishing them up, for both you and me. Things are so hectic, I Read more [...]

9 Reasons Publishers Should Stop Acting Like Libraries Are The Enemy

1. Libraries let people read your books. I know, I know, you think that if it weren't for libraries more people would buy your books, I have bad news for you, if it weren't for libraries people would read less not buy more books. There is no guarantee that the people who read a library copy could, or would, choose to buy your book. Let's face it no one who is willing spend  4 months  on the waiting list for their favorite author is going to buy that hardback copy and probably not the trade paperback or paperback either (have you seen the price of mass market paperbacks lately?). Instead Read more [...]