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First Impressions of the Evo

06.07.2010 · Posted in Technology

My previous phone was a Pre, I'm so happy to see it go. If you follow me on Twitter or have seen me with it any time over the last year, you know how much I hated that thing. These are my first impressions of the Evo - the short version - I love it! ...

The Future is Mobile: OCLC/LJ Online Symposium

06.01.2010 · Posted in Technology

The the recording is now available from the May 20th online Symposium The Future is Mobile sponsored by OCLC and Library Journal.   You can listen to it here or see the tweets on Twitter or What the Hashtag Speakers included: Sarah Allen, Director, Blazing Cloud, Inc. Jack Mason, Global Business Services, Strategic Programs & Social Media, Ibm Lindsay ...

How Using The Internet Is Changing Our Brains

12.01.2009 · Posted in Social Media, Technology, Thinking Outloud

As with most things, the benefits from computers and technology is all about balance. From an article in The Independent - What the web is teaching our brains, a list of activities and the benefits each provides. Internet research: Boosts the ability to integrate and process information as well as enhancing decision-making skills. General browsing: ...