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Innovation from best practices to fresh practices – Helene Blowers

10.21.2008 · Posted in Internet Librarian

Innovation from best practices to fresh practices – helene blowers how do you start making change happen? What is innovation? Not just putting saran wrap around someone else's idea innovation is - acting on, doing new things innovation is not about best practice, its about fresh practice application audience desired outcomes inspiration and inputs energy ...

Digital Marketing

10.20.2008 · Posted in Internet Librarian

Sarah Houghton Jan & Aaron Schmidt the presentation before this one aaron recommends what is outreach? - connecting users with librarians number one thing voters care about when voting for funding is libraries transforming lives what is online outreach - when were serving ppl online were serving everybody there are not blocks online, similar ...

Designing the digital experience – David Lee King

10.20.2008 · Posted in Internet Librarian

experiences are a unique tangible offering experience design – simply stated approach to creating successful experiences for ppl in any medium, american girl example in chicago, 3 different paths structure community and customer structure improve websites easy of use, when customers can focus on own goals rather than how to navigate your site website design ...

From Avatars to Advocay

10.20.2008 · Posted in Internet Librarian

From Avatars to Advocacy Michael Porter & Helene Blowers OCLC reports - full of stats What is our brand? more than a logo books your community - this should be your focus all libs are different old paradigm - control the look & feel of the brand, broadcast this to an audience from mass marketing ...