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The University of Malaya

11.17.2008 · Posted in ICoLIS08

Monday I gave a modified and longer version of my presentation for ICoLIS to Librarians at the University of Malaya, including demonstrations of several sites like Facebook and FriendFeed. It was a wonderful group who asked some great questions.  After there was a small tea reception with some delicious Malay food. [slideshare id=758512&doc=monday2-1226880104376500-9&w=425] Read more ...

Greetings from Malaysia

11.16.2008 · Posted in ICoLIS08

Today is my first presentation so I thought I'd better write a post sharing what I've done over the last two days (besides prepping) before all the official stuff starts! I've spent a lot of time at this desk, tweaking presentations and checking email accounts, this is a work trip after all.  Luckily the view ...

I’m going to Malaysia!

11.06.2008 · Posted in ICoLIS08

I know I've shared this story with many of you in person, so forgive me if you've already heard it. It seems like ages ago that I got invited to attend the International Conference on Libraries, Information and Society, but it was only in June that I got a Facebook message asking me if I ...