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Does the average Joe really need to know what a browser is?

06.18.2009 · Posted in Google, Questions, Technology

Jessamyn West shared this yesterday “A team from Google interviewed dozens of people in Times Square the other day, asking a simple question: What’s a browser? This was in an effort to understand and improve the customer experience of Google’s own browser, called Chrome. Turns out that over 90% of the people interviewed could not ...

What do you think of Google Flu Trends?

11.12.2008 · Posted in Google, Privacy

I'll admit it, I'm sucker for Google products - Reader, Gmail, Docs, Blogger, Chrome and I know on some level the dangers of that.  I have lots of bookmarks in delicious about it.  This morning while I was watching the news  I heard mention of something new - Google Flu Trends.  According the the site: ...