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Mobile Phones Are Not The Key to Bridging the Digital Divide

07.26.2010 · Posted in Digital Divide

Something new to consider as we consider at broadband access as a universal right - mobile phones. NPR looks at a recent report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project on Mobile Access.  Does 3G (and soon to be 4G) speed qualify as broadband access? NPR quotes these stats from Pew African-Americans and English-speaking ...

Should Broadband Access be a Right? I Say Yes

06.03.2010 · Posted in Digital Divide

And I'm not alone. Countries such as France, Greece, Estonia, Spain and Finland have already moved to make it a right for their citizens. I know this can be a complicated topic to discuss,  as Ange Fitzpatrick points when cast against the civil rights and women's rights struggles internet access seems laughable. Thomas Jefferson admirably covers ...

FCC’s Broadband Action Agenda Fails to Address Training and Education

04.23.2010 · Posted in Digital Divide, Transliteracy

I've been following the FCC's National Broadband Plans since they were sent to Congress.  I've been excited about the possibility of the Digital Literacy Corps.  However when reviewing the Broadband Action Agenda I feel a little uneasy.  I see no reference to training or instruction.  While I agree on the importance of access to broadband ...