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OITP and Digital Literacy Portfolio! Plus NTIA and a Digital Literacy Portal

02.04.2011 · Posted in Digital Divide, Digital Literacy

I can't tell you how excited I was to see this announcement from OITP (Office of Information Technology Policy, ALA) yesterday! Libraries are key players when we talk about digital literacy and education. Though as I've noted before we are often overlooked in reports from other institutions and organizations, most recently, as in the Digital and Media Literacy ...

Post at Broadband for America: Libraries Are Essential for Bridging the Gap

10.05.2010 · Posted in Digital Divide

A while back I was approached to write a guest post for Broadband for America. I jumped at the chance to let others (outside of libraries) know how importance of the role of libraries in equal access to broadband. Read the post Libraries Are Essential to Bridging the Broadband Gap and the Digital Opportunity Gap As we see a ...

Mobile Phones and the Digital Divide Part 2

10.01.2010 · Posted in Digital Divide

Jason Griffey and I are having a discussion via our blogs regarding mobile phones and the digital divide to catch up first read my original post Why Mobile Phone Are Not the Key to the Digital Divide then read Jason's response Why mobile phones are one key to the digital divide. This is my response to his post. Jason states: ...

Why Mobile Phone Are Not the Key to the Digital Divide

09.30.2010 · Posted in Digital Divide

Earlier this week  I tweeted I whole heartedly, unequivocally disagree with this! Mobile access helps agencies break past digital divide  Which linked to this article from, Pew Internet and American life - Mobile access helps agencies break past digital divide | Interview with Aaron Smith. In which Smith says "I think mobile is playing a key ...