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To Import or Not Import: That is the Question. On Importing Facebook and Twitter Comments to Blog Posts

04.30.2013 · Posted in Blogging

When I published my recommended reading post Sunday reactions to it on Facebook and Twitter brought home an issue I had noticed for a while now - more people responding on Facebook and Twitter and less on the blog. 99.9% of the time I am completely ok with this - I know comments are not a sign of success ...

What Can We Learn From Pew’s Changing World of Librarians

04.26.2013 · Posted in Libraries

Lee Raine's April 24, 2013 presentation to DC/SLA The presentation includes 3 technology revolutions and their impact on libraries: broadband internet access, mobile access, and the digital revolution. Plus some megatakeaways from Pew's research on libraries in the digital age. Some of it is good news and some of it looks like areas of opportunity. ...

Guide to National Digital Literacy and Digital Divide Initiatives

04.18.2013 · Posted in Digital Divide, Digital Literacy

Earlier this year the Chief Officers of State Library Associations (COSLA) released the "COSLA Guide to National Projects: to Digital literacy, Broadband Adoption,and Digital Inclusion". They have done a great job of bringing together projects that address digital literacy and the digital divide. The report outlines the summary, core objectives, administration information, and project details including target audience milestones ...

This Transliterate Life

04.17.2013 · Posted in Presentations, Transliteracy

I delivered this keynote at the All Tech Considered: Navigating through multiliteracies, Houston Community College Faculty Conference on February 2, 2013 This Transliterate Life from Bobbi Newman References Andretta, S. (2009). Transliteracy: Take a walk on the wild side. In World Library and Information Congress: 75 th IFLA Genreal Conference and Assembly, Milan, Italy: 23-27. ...