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Libraries and Transliteracy Needs You!

07.19.2010 · Posted in Transliteracy

Yes You! Libraries and Transliteracy needs a logo, and not the one I threw together for our facebook group.  We (the authors) have discussed it and decided our talents lie elsewhere. :-) So we are having a contest!

Design a logo for Libraries and Transliteracy!

There are no rules or guidelines for the logo. Something that reflects what transliteracy means to you.

To submit your design please email it to me bobbi.newman AT by July 31st.

I’ll post them on the blog, and the winner will be determined by reader feedback and blog authors.

Prize: Unfortunately we can’t offer a fabulous vacation or $500,000 to the winner. We can offer the street cred of saying you created our logo and I promise to put together a box of fun for the winner.  :-)

As John points out you don’t have to have expensive software to create something there are plenty of free options out there.

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