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Designing Digital Experiences for Library Websites #ala10

07.03.2010 · Posted in ALA, Presentations

On Sunday I had the honor of presenting with David Lee King,Toby Greenwalt, and John Blyberg. It was amazing to be on a panel with them and I learned a lot by listening to their presentations.

Toby has shared his along with some notes. They are doing some amazing things at Skokie.

David has posted his as well.

John and I went commando (no slides) so I have none to share with you.

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2 Responses to “Designing Digital Experiences for Library Websites #ala10”

  1. theanalogdivide says:

    RT @librarianbyday: Designing Digital Experiences for Library Websites #ala10 | Librarian by Day

  2. Though I was laid off at the end of this past school year, I worked at a middle school in Skokie for the past two years, and felt very lucky that Skokie Public Library was right down the street.

    Clean, well-organized, fully staffed, fully stocked…even without all of the great technology initiatives this is a great library!

    What I’m particularly impressed about their technology initiatives over at SPL is that in a time when libraries’ budgets are being slashed, SPL is making the most of free social media. Now working and living in Chicago, it’s clear that Chicago Public Library could take some lessons from the fine folks at Skokie.

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