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Ubiquitous Computing – Jason Griffey – Unconference Session 1

07.10.2009 · Posted in ALA Annual 2009

Jason Griffey – I do lots of stuff google me Ubiquitous computing – computers everywhere, mobile phones, net books, kindles Devices to devices, no longer devices to server Metcalfs law Free – Chris Anderson Cant compete on cost so much make things easies Questions & Comments from Office: What about server costs? – how can ...

ALA Unconference

07.10.2009 · Posted in ALA Annual 2009

I’m at the ALA Unconference all day today. They have a great set up for as many topics as possible, with a lot of short presentations that are 7 minutes with 5 minutes for questions a couple of break out sessions. I’ll be blogging the short presentations separately to keep topics and possible comments separate. ...

There is something to be said for brand loyalty

07.01.2009 · Posted in Chit Chat, Customer Service

I don't normally blog about customer service issues (although I have been known to tweet complaints) but I feel like I should blog this, in part because I am not so angry I can't see straight, which is usually a hint for me that blogging is not a wise decision and because its about brand ...