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The new MaintainIT cookbook is out – The Joy of Computing

11.07.2008 · Posted in Free Tools

MaintainIT cookbooks are a great (free) resource!  "Planning for Success, a guide for the overworked librarian" one covers: Planning and Decision Making covers the ins and outs of creating a technology plan that ties to your strategic priorities and goals. Communication and Partnerships delves in the fundamentals of day-to-day technology communication from a “techie” and ...

I’m going to Malaysia!

11.06.2008 · Posted in ICoLIS08

I know I've shared this story with many of you in person, so forgive me if you've already heard it. It seems like ages ago that I got invited to attend the International Conference on Libraries, Information and Society, but it was only in June that I got a Facebook message asking me if I ...

Phishing Scams in Plain English

11.04.2008 · Posted in Video

The Common Craft Show is a series of short explanatory videos by Lee and Sachi LeFever. Our goal is to fight complexity with simple tools and plain language. We call our format "paperworks" and publish a new video about once a month. Website: Read more [...] ...