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Poll – How many times a day to you check Twitter?

10.16.2008 · Posted in Fun

Just because I can. now has an option to create and add polls built right into the post toolbar. Sweet! So I made up a poll.  I’m not planning to do anything with this info, other than probably write a blog post about it.   [polldaddy poll=1000366][polldaddy poll=1000366] Use Facebook to Comment on this ...

My Dell Mini 9 – a review

10.09.2008 · Posted in Chit Chat

A lot of people have stopped me and asked me about the Dell Mini over the last few days.  Ok, fine, maybe I was flaunting it at MLA a little bit and I've been going on endlessly about it on Twitter, but it's completely deserving. Let me state for the record, I do not have an ...