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Hard work pays off!

02.12.2008 · Posted in Facebook

Not mine this time, Robins! She developed a search our catalog app for our Facebook page and she's been contacted several times by people wanting help creating one for their library. I have no doubt she was helpful and nice and gave them excellent advice! Robin and I often work together here at the library ...

Remeber, training is not learning.

02.08.2008 · Posted in Learning 2.0

Helene had a great post about training vs learning. A reminder just when I needed one! She never stops inspiring me! The best learning happens by self-discovery, when two very important elements are present. In order for anyone to truly learn, they must be a) engaged in their own discovery process and b) be motivated ...

Save Money – Use the Library

02.05.2008 · Posted in Libraries, News

Use the library. Your taxes are paying for it, so take advantage of the free books and movies. Austin says that even her small library in Maryland's rural Kent County offers DVDs, audio books, and free Internet service. from 8 Ways to Cut Back without Sacrificing I wonder, does use of a Public Libraries increase ...