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Library Learning 2.1

11.29.2007 · Posted in Library Learning 2.1

MRRL's Library Learning 2.1 logoI’ve been busy gearing up for MRRL’s Library Learning 2.1 program. Our official kick off date is January 7th, 2007. Things are going to be a little different for this round. For example:

  • The program will last all year.
  • Each week there will be only one lesson, a micro lesson, that can be completed in one hour.
  • Library staff and patrons are welcome to participate, as well as anyone else who wants to!
  • Staff participation will be through comments on the original posts only, no extra blogs to maintain for them
  • I’ll be providing on-on-one lessons with any staff member who wants one.
  • I’ll be keeping track of staff participation and handing out prizes accordingly.
  • I’ve created that handy dandy little logo you see in this post! :)

Right now Robin and I are working out our list of topics and trying to come up with fun, exciting (but cheap) prizes.

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2 Responses to “Library Learning 2.1”

  1. I really like this model…particularly letting patrons play too. Will you be reprising the “Things” you covered in your first program, or doing totally new “things”?

    Maybe there would be a chance to collaborate with others who have run a 23 Things program…..pool our resources to come up with a library of microexercises. I know there is the Learning 2.1 blog….but it still seems to involve more macro exercises.

  2. Right now there are not any plans to reprise the “things” we covered in our 29 Things program. We’ll be covering “things” based on the assumption that participants either did the 29things or have a basic knowledge of what was covered in them. Of course we discovered during our original 29 Things that flexibility is important to success so that may change!

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